Tokyo Marui AA-12 Automatic Electric Shotgun

Tokyo Marui AA-12 Automatic Electric Shotgun

The uniquely designed AA-12 is the first full auto airsoft shotgun. The revolutionary tri-shot system also makes it the first electric shotgun. The internal mechanism is covered in a plastic frame, three dedicated mechanical boxes equipped with individual cylinders fire 3 BBs that can be individually adjusted with the variable hop up system. The AA-12 is also equipped with Tokyo Marui's first FET (electronic switch system).


  • - 3 cylinder mechbox equipped with self-lubricating nozzle guide to enable smooth loading of every shot.

  • - Selectable automatic and semi-automatic fire.

  • - FET eliminates carbon build-up in mechanical switch contacts and improve trigger response.
  • - Metal inner frame for rigidity.
  • - Triple variable hop up

  • - Front sight adjustable for elevation and rear sight for elevation.

  • - Box type magazine holds 93 shots.
Price excluding VAT: £416.66 Incl. Vat: £499.99


Price excluding VAT: £416.66 Incl. Vat: £499.99

Availability: In stock

Item Number: 171016
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