Tokyo Marui 416 Delta Custom EBB Recoil Airsoft Rifle (Dark Earth)

Tokyo Marui 416 Delta Custom EBB Recoil Airsoft Rifle (Dark Earth)

THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK but you can Pre Order it now. We are due to get a restock of these approximately in the middle of September 2017 and we are doing a special sale price for pre orders only. This is sale price is only available on a limited number of items and price will go back to the normal price when they arrive. If you order this item with any other in stock items we will assume that you want to wait until everything is in stock until we post your entire order to you. If you want your in stock items sent out immediately please order them as on a separate order. Thanks

  • Features

  • - Shoot & recoil engine: When the trigger is pulled, weights are activated and generate intense recoil. Also featured is an auto stop system that prevents the gun from firing when the magazine runs empty.

  • - 2WAY Battery: Batteries can be connected via the proprietary magazines or mounted to the handguard in an external PEQ type battery box or foregrip.

  • - Excellent rigidity: Metal is used for various parts such as the receiver, outer barrel, and buffer tube. The railed handguard secures a free floating barrel.

  • - The battery magazines hold 30 rounds as well as a fuse and compartment for mini type batteries. *Batteries should be removed from magazines when using an external battery.

  • Price excluding VAT: £474.99 Incl. Vat: £569.99


    Price excluding VAT: £474.99 Incl. Vat: £569.99

    Availability: In stock

    Item Number: 176233
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