Bunker 51 London Skirmish

Airsoft Skirmish Bunker 51

Bunker 51 is a state of the art airsoft skirmish facility boasting thousands of square feet of purpose built CQB (close quarter battle) space featuring variable lighting, strategic cover & objective props.

Skirmishes are usually held twice a month on Saturday evenings from 7pm to 10pm. We recommend that skirmishers arrive at 6:30pm to get signed in and prep for battle. Please refer to this page for the latest confirmed dates. Situated just 20 minutes from the heart of London, airsoft skirmishes at Bunker 51 are operated by Wolf Armouries, the longest running Lodon airsoft retailer offering a challenging yet fun experience.

Please note our skirmishes are usually full so we advise that you book at least a week before the game to avoid disappointment.

Next skirmish dates

New skirmishes will open up for booking on the Monday after the previous skirmish.

26th January 2019 (6:30pm - 10pm) - BOOK NOW

9th February 2019 (6:30pm - 10pm) 


You can book online in limited numbers by clicking on the images below, or you can call us on 02072840001, or pop in-store to book. Please note that you can only book for the next skirmish and not in advance. Please note that Rental packages and cab service must be purchased as seperate items at checkout.

Prices & Booking

Due to the limited spaces & processing time, you will no longer be able to book onto the site after 12:00pm on the day of the skirmish.

Pre-booked: £27.99*
Pay on the door: £30**
Minicab collection & pick up: £7.50

The minicab will collect & drop you from North Greenwich Underground Station. This must be prebooked and paid for no later than 48 hours before the event.

The first cabs will begin leaving at 5:45pm on the night. Please note there that there is a collection cut off time and the last pick up will be at 6pm.***


1) Go up the escalators from North Greenwich Station.
2) Exit the station through the door directly ahead of you. Subway should be on your left.
3) Cross the two zebra crossings ahead.
4) You should see a large sculpture/structure ahead of you. Click here to view an image of the structure.
5) The meeting point is just under said structure.

* £10 Cancellation fee / £5 Transfer fee. Cancellations & Transfers not accepted 3 days before game date.
** Booking highly recommended as space is limited and you are not guaranteed a place. Please phone ahead to double check if there are spaces available.
*** This fee is non refundable

Equipment Rental: £29.99
This includes a G36C AEG rifle with one hi-cap magazine, full face mask and a bottle of 3000 BBs. Rental equipment availability is limited, therefore it is strongly advised that you book early to guarantee your equipment.


Site/Game Related Information

Site Power Limit: 1 Joule (equivalent to 328fps with a 0.2g BB). All guns will be chronographed prior to games. Any gun firing above 350fps will not be allowed. Please be smart about this; everyone wants to have fun at the skirmish.

Face Protection: Eye protection is mandatory for all ages. Full face protection is mandatory for under 18s. 

Pyrotechnics: Flashbangs, BB grenades and Enola Gaye Micro Smokes are permitted at our skirmish. BFGs must be thrown underarm or posted, please do not throw them as if you are a star pitcher.

Age Limit: There is a minimum age of 12 at this site, provided the minor is accompanied by an adult over the age of 18, and a consent form has been signed (available on site).

Bang Rules: We do not operate a bang rule at this site (yelling bang at someone at point blank). If you manage to sneak up on someone, shoot them twice in the chest or back.

Melee/knife Rules: All melee weapons must be constructed of plastic and/or soft rubber, they must be able to bend 90 degrees on impact. If you wish to knife kill someone, simply draw your knife and tap them on the shoulder; there is no need to stab someone with it. If you are knife killed, please go back to respawn without calling a hit, it is a silent kill.

Blindfire: Blind firing of any kind is not tolerated at our site. When firing your weapon you must be able to see down the sights of your gun to the target you are shooting. No one wants to be hit by a 350 fps gun in the head at point blank range; so please be sensible about this.

Use of Full Auto: Our games are to be considered semi-auto only for all game modes unless explicitly told otherwise by the marshalls during game briefing.

Concerns about cheaters: If you think someone is cheating and not taking their hits, please let a marshall know who they are and what they look like. Marshalls will be armed with test guns and anyone who does not take their hit will be asked to leave. Please do not deal with the suspect yourselves. If you have additional grievances with another player, please let the marshalls know and they will sort it out.


Hire Purchase

If you are looking to get yourself onto the UKARA database and want to buy a gun without having it two-toned, Wolf Armouries offers a Hire-Purchase scheme. When you buy a gun from us under this scheme, we will hold the gun on our premises and bring it along to the skirmish site for you each time you book to play. Then, when you have reached the criteria for your UKARA registration, you can simply take the gun home with you. This will save you from purchasing a rental gun each time you play, saving up to £90. A admin fee of £10 will be charged for each rifle you purchase under the scheme (pistols may be freely added, excluding the first purchase).

Please call us on 02072840001 if you are interested and wish to know more about our hire purchase scheme.


Bunker 51
3 Herringham Road

Public Transit: The closest tube station is North Greenwich Station, Jubilee Line. The closest train station is Charlton Station, 0.8 miles/15 minute walk to the site.

From North Greenwich, you can take either the 161 or 472 bus, getting off at the bus stop at Woolwich Road/Charlton Lane. This will leave a 0.5 mile/8 min walk to the site. However the walk is down a poorly lit industrial access road.

From other routes, bus numbers 177 and 180 also stop at Charlton Lane on the Woolwich Road.

Driving: Directions from Blackwall Tunnel:
- Exit Blackwall Tunnel on A102 and turn off at first exit onto roundabout.
- Take your third exit on to A2052 (Bugsby's Way).
- Go straight ahead at first roundabout and turn right at second roundabout (MAKRO should be on your right).
- Turn left at traffic lights on to A206 (Woolwich Road).
- Go straight ahead at first roundabout and turn left at second roundabout on to Westmoor Street.
- Turn left at end of street on to Herringham Road.
- Continue along road for 100 yards and turn right into The Raceway. Free parking available.